It’s Curing Season!

A few years ago I caught a summer cold (those things are THE worst!) For about two weeks I was drinking TheraFlu and honey lemon tea. And soon, I started feeling better.  But then a couple of weeks later, it came back! So there I was again,  back chugging down TheraFlu, taking severe cold and cough liquids and pills and whatever else I could get my hands on! A sore throat, coughing, sneezing, stuffy, watery eyes, headaches – the opposite of fun in the summertime. Eventually,  one of my friends  noticed and said, “You got a cold again?!” At that point I was like ok, maybe I oughta go to the doctor.

Went to the doctor…and not a cold but a friggin’ sinus infection! And allergies! It was so bad not only did I need antibiotics my doctor also suggested taking Claritin everyday for three weeks! All that time I was treating what I thought were the symptoms from a cold when in reality it was allergies kicking my butt!  In all my years on this earth I’d never had an issue with allergies and now here I am over 35 years old taking allergy medicine on a  weekly basis.

I was treating symptoms when I needed a cure!

Yeah, I would have temporarily felt better but every couple of weeks…fighting another “cold”. And that’s how it is with life, sometimes we keep fight the same battles over and over again only getting a temporary fix. When the reality is we need to dig and go deeper to find the real issue. We use temporary solutions on generational issues. We become satisfied with fleeting moments of peace and forced happiness instead addressing the need for self-examination. And yes, we feel better temporarily, but then a month, a year later we’re back in the same predicament.

The truth is self excavation in painful. It ain’t pretty and it stings. When you truly take the time to see why it’s YOU and not them. And the sad and painful truth is, that until we get down to what needs to be cured, the temporary relief from symptoms will serve as a win and become accepted as the new normal.

Today is March 1, another first to start over and start different. You can start now.

It’s Curing Season.

Don’t be afraid to invite God in and ask him to show you what needs to be cured in your life.



Even when you know what you know…you don’t know the half!




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