Prepare to Launch!

There’s a wave of anxiety that comes over me every time I get ready to send out a newsletter, post a new blog post, or as I’m about to conduct a life coach session or presentation. I ask myself, “Am I really making a difference?” “Does this even matter?” “Is anyone actually being helped?”

I call these thoughts “the gremlins.” These thoughts come in and attempt to steal whatever confidence I have at that moment. When these thoughts come I have to make a decision. Who will win? Me, or the gremlins? Unfortunately, I can’t always say I’ve won.

However, I really paid attention to the picture above. At the bottom it reads, “This is your moment of glory.” I sat there, stared at the picture and thought, “How can I get to my moment of glory if I don’t push the button?”

If we don’t ‘launch’ how will we ever get to the other side? How will we ever get to that moment of glory if we don’t push past the gremlins of negative thoughts and self doubt?

That answer is simple – we won’t.

And you know what the crazy part is? After I hit send – I feel so much better! After I finish a coaching session or presentation – I feel light!

Counting today there are 84 days left in 2018 and we still have time to launch!

Prepare to launch, push the button and get ready for your moment of glory!







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  1. I’ve been there (within the grip of anxiety) but I was determined not to stay there. When our desire for change overrides our fears, launching is no longer an option. It becomes a necessity. Here’s to an excellent 4th quarter for us both. Finishing strong is the goal.

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